Jazz Will Eat Itself

Published on Sep 4th, 2010 by

Violin header

Things I have learned today about the (or my) violin:

  • The tuning is very sensitive, far moreso than a ukulele or guitar. This is not unexpected, but it’s not the most high quality of violins, and it does tend to detune itself with regularity.
  • I’ve always held the bow slightly wrong.
  • My E string was fucked, and has now snapped during said tuning. Years of barely any use have left the E string a brittle, corroded shred of wire, and that has taken its toll.

Luckily I have a spare, and by a spare, I mean a much higher quality instrument. It’s electric though, which means setting up the practise amp. And, er, finding it in the first place. I might have some spare strings with it. I know I bought some a while back but whether I kept them safe is another matter. Later I shall go and look.

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