23 Reasons Why Gone Home Is The Most Important Game You’ll Ever Play

Published on Aug 16th, 2013 by

23 Reasons Why Gone Home Is The Most Important Game You’ll Ever Play

I finished Gone Home last week, but I’d played a lot of it before. Back in 2012, I judged it for the IGF and could tell it was something special. The build didn’t go all the way to the end; I’ve had to wait nearly a year for the plot’s conclusion. I feel like a George R. R. Martin fan.

So I finished it last week, and there have been a lot of things I wanted to say about it. A LOT of things. The difficulty has been working out how to say it. The game’s so narratively rich, so wonderfully constructed, and it’s hard to get across just how well it succeeds in everything it does. I wanted to do it justice.

Finally, now, I’ve worked out exactly what I want to say, and how to say it. So here are 23 reasons why Gone Home is the most important game you’ll ever play.


God bless you, good ol’ Christmas Duck.

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A List Of The Top 10 Best Games Writers

Published on Mar 7th, 2012 by

Okay, so I can’t be bothered to make a fancy banner image because I am SEETHING with rage. This list went up, right, and it contains the top 50 games writers ever. These 51 people are the 50 people you should follow on Twitter to get the best games journalism. I agree with some of it, but there are certain people missing who should definitely be added, and this is making me angry. So I’ve constructed my own list of some of the best games writers excluding anyone on that other list. I haven’t added their Twitter handles though, you can find them yourself.

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