My God sits in the back of the limousine

Published on Sep 14th, 2010 by

This blog is my attempt at some kind of mini-rebellion, and I kind of like it. Posting random shit is quite cathartic. I can understand the appeal. I’ve kept blogs before, of course, even as far back as when Livejournal was still socially acceptable, but I’m at least making an effort to be coherent this time round.

Of course, I’m not saying anything┬ácontentious or inflammatory, even if sometimes I’d like to. I’ve never been a very confrontational person. It’s not that I don’t have conviction about things, it’s just that for the most part airing one’s disillusionment on the internet is like screaming at a rock concert; nobody really cares because they’re screaming too. Nothing shocks people any more, and it’s very hard to make a stand against anything because of this. Also; perceptions are very hard to shatter, no matter how much you might attempt to break them, and you’ll still be labeled as X or Y because people want you to be X or Y, because of who you work for or who your friends are or what you look like or who you like to fuck. Sometimes people want to be Z, or 3, or purple but they can’t because nobody’s really interested, and maybe the only available options are X or Y anyway.

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Don’t Forget The Rules.

Published on Sep 3rd, 2010 by

Dead Silence

I know the Saw films aren’t popular. I can understand why, as well. Six entries into the series (with a seventh due out this Halloween – THE FINAL CHAPTER or something, I think they’re saying. Which I think they also said about 4, 5 and 6) and there’s an air of fatigue to the proceedings; [spoilers] Jigsaw, the main villain, died in part 3, and they’ve somehow managed to spin him out as the villain for another three films, and probably the next one as well. Yeah, there’s Hoffman too, but he’s a bit of a dick.

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