5 Article Ideas For Curmudgeonly Dickheads

Published on Jan 28th, 2014 by


The world is a strange, scary place. So strange, and so scary in fact, that sometimes the temptation is there to put pen to paper, and write a think piece on just how terrible and wrong some innocuous things are. It is hard, being around people and things that are different from you, and it is understandable that sometimes you want to clear your throat into your hankie, and just let rip with an angry rant about those other (and let’s face it, lesser) people who Do Things You Don’t Like. So here are five article ideas for when you’re sloshed on brandy and really want to tear the 21st century a new one.

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Failed Pitches

Published on Mar 27th, 2012 by

All aspiring games writers know the pain of a rejected pitch. The blogosphere is filled with articles that editors just weren’t willing to take a chance on. Talk to anyone in the industry and they’ll gaze skywards, misty-eyed, and reminisce about that one great piece that would’ve changed the world if only the pitch had been accepted.

A while back, I realised I had some brilliant ideas for video content. I pitched some of these ideas around and never even had a single reply. I can only assume that the world of games journalism isn’t contemporary or progressive enough yet, so in the meantime I thought I’d share my ideas here, and hope aspiring writers can learn a thing or two about what editors do and don’t want.

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