[img[http://www.ashtonraze.com/flameon2.jpg]]\n\nYou don't know what you're missing. Really, you don't. I could have shown you things beyond your wildest dreams. Beyond your wildest expectations. Dark, terrible things. Visions of the future. Visions of the endtimes. Together, we would have ruled this planet. I would have been your King of Pain, and you my Queen of Thorns. All this is lost in time, like tears in rain. \n\nI walk away from you, never looking back. Eventually you embark on a career as a successful legal secretary. I hook up with an old girlfriend and together we scourge the earth. At one point during the apocalypse, you and I have an angry 'I can't believe you ended the world' one-night stand, but it wasn't as good as either of us had hoped so we never speak of it again. Not that there's much time left to speak of it anyway, you're engulfed in the fires of Hell a couple weeks later. \n\n- The End -
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[img[http://www.ashtonraze.com/dickpic3.jpg]]\n\nHello. \n\nI am very attracted to you. I find you attractive. You are smart and funny and also have a great ass. I am glad we are getting to know each other. The only thing left to say is;\n\nWill you go out with me?\n\n[[Yes|Yes]]\n\n[[No|No]]\n\n[[Let me think about it|Think]]
Ashton Raze
[img[http://www.ashtonraze.com/crucifix2.jpg]]\n\nYes. Yes. It's the right decision. Thank you. You complete me. \n\nWe head off into the future, towards hot romantic nights in, walks on the beach, the wind ruffling our hair. We spends evenings in the company of friends, socializing, attending all the parties we can.\n\nOver time, we grow used to each other. Our romance fades. We still love each other, sure, but the spark's not there any more. We don't make love as often these days. Eventually, we sleep in separate bedrooms. It's not that we don't care for each other, it's just... y'know.\n\nOne day, it all comes out. You gave up your dreams of being a professional pickpocket. I was in love with a celibate priest, and you were my rebound, to take the pain away. Our relationship was driven by lust, not love. \n\nBy now, it's too late to move on. It's not worth it. We stay together, begrudgingly, unhappily. We grow old, we die, and we discover there's an afterlife, in which we're stuck together in the house we lived in all these years. You still get mad at me for leaving the toilet seat up. I still get pissed at how much you use the phone. Eventually we are exorcised. \n\n- The End -
[img[http://www.ashtonraze.com/cinema2.jpg]]\n\n"Let me think about it," you say. "I need time."\n\nI give you time. I give you all the time in the world. I wait, and wait, and wait. I feel my body giving out, age taking its toll on me. \n\nStill I wait. \n\nTime passes. The world changes around us. \n\nI wait. As long as it takes.\n\nI wait for what seems like forever. Eventually, you look up. \n\n"Sure," you say. "We could go on a date at least. See how it goes."\n\nI smile, nod, and produce two tickets to see Star Trek Into Darkness. They are forty years out of date. We laugh about this, but try and get in to see the film anyway. They kick us out. We go to the park and drink cider on a bench and eventually have fumbling, half-clothed sex in the bushes. We never see each other again. It's a mutual thing. It'd just be too awkward.\n\n- The End -
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