Spider In A Serpent’s Egg

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A few years ago, myself and a person using the name Zombitedesade but is really called Ross and doesn’t want this being the first Google search result for his name, we wrote and illustrated a comic. Well, I wrote it, he illustrated it. I didn’t write it as a script, and I had no intention of turning it into a comic at first. It was essentially some one-sided dialogue between two characters. I write things like this sometimes, without the intention of publishing them, to try and create or flesh out a character. Train of thought writing using someone else’s thoughts, I guess. I have no idea if anyone else does this, I assume they do but you know, I’ve never asked. It can be quite fun, or at least I have fun doing them. I don’t usually do anything with them in that form though, they’re more for reference later.

I can’t remember why exactly but I showed Ross this particular one and through a discussion that I can’t recall, we decided to turn it into a short comic, that would eventually lead into a series called Camera Obscura. The first full length Camera Obscura story was also written, but has since disappeared from existence, and besides, it was written in short story form so whatever. Tempted to rewrite it one day, although I’ve stolen some of the themes from that issue for something else which I will no doubt talk about very soon.

We never really had any plans for Spider in a Serpent’s Egg other than just doing it. We toyed with posting it on a gaming forum we both went on at the time, but it’s massively NSFW so that didn’t really happen. Then in the same dramatic incident that caused the loss of Camera Obscura, SiaSE was lost forever. At least on my end. We kind of forgot about it, then Ross found it again, we decided to slightly revamp it (text is clearer now, new title page) and publish it on THE INTERNET, which seems suitably fitting given the subject matter.

I don’t think SiaSE needs much explaining when you read it, but it’s probably not the kind of thing you want to click blind. A brief description: Spider in a Serpent’s Egg is a horror story about sexual compulsion, the contemporary flow of information and the dangers of obsession. It’s somewhat dark (Telegraph Games Correspondent Tom Hoggins insists that this Youtube video advertising a child’s toy is far worse, and he’s probably right, but you know) and it’s a slightly different tone to the last thing I published, which was a review of LittleBigPlanet 2, so my frame of reference is limited here. The important thing to mention is that it’s fairly definitely NSFW, so like, unless it’s suitable to be looking at comics featuring nudity and violence at work, maybe don’t.

So here it is. Two forms, either in a web browser or downloadable via PDF. One last time:

The following is massively NSFW. Don’t click either at work unless you really really really want to but that’s not my fault so whatever.

Browser version: >> Spider in a Serpent’s Egg <<

PDF version: >> Spider in a Serpent’s Egg (right click and save as if you want to download it, yeah) <<

Also, the title is a Dead Can Dance reference, yes. This is purely because I was listening to DCD’s ‘The Serpent’s Egg’ (Spotify link, should work) at the time of writing.

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