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The Social Network is a film about Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, directed by David Fincher of Se7en and Fight Club fame. It looks to be a pretty interesting movie, and since I abhor the cinema with a fiery passion and only go to one when a Saw film is on, I’ll likely watch it on DVD a while after release. It does seem like it’ll be good though, and while Mark Zuckerberg isn’t someone I’ve ever really thought about watching a movie based on, I do have a Facebook account which makes me at least 3% emotionally invested in this film. Here is the movie poster, which I think is pretty cool. It’s true, you don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies. Just ask Kanye West.

The soundtrack for the movie was released on Tuesday, and it’s composed by Trent Reznor (who I may have mentioned before) and Atticus Ross, and it’s fucking amazing. Obviously I cannot say how well it fits with the film yet, but as a standalone record it’s immense. No vocals or anything, it’s pure score. Haunting, dark electro and piano, in places reminiscent of Reznor and Ross’s work on With Teeth, Ghosts etc but with a very distinct identity of its own. Listening to track 4, then the lead-in to track 5 is a particular standout moment, with track 5 itself (Intriguing Possibilities) being both a standout song and an unexpectedly familiar surprise. Then there’s track 12, their electronic version of In The Hall Of The Mountain King, a particularly evocative song at the best of times, and one given a new lease of life here. There’s not a single weak track, it all flows together into one fantastic musical experience, and one I don’t feel that you need to be interested in the movie to appreciate.

It’s also only $5 to buy digitally, and can be purchased here. There’s a free 5-track sampler EP if you fancy giving it a listen without dropping the cash, which is nice. And something you should totally do if you’re on the fence. Or just buy it straight up, yeah.

Right, last week issue 2 of Games? launched, and I haven’t been around to promote this as much as I’d like, so go check it out! I love this project. I’m working with a fantastic group of people who put in awesome work and sub excellent articles, purely fueled by passion and enjoyment. And because of the nature of the publication, and the angle we’re approaching games from, it totally works (and I hope our readers feel this too!). So yeah, if you feel like having a read that’d be awesome.

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