Devil May Cry Bitter Tears Of Fucking Disappointment

Published on Sep 17th, 2010 by

New Devil May Cry announced. Well, just DmC at the moment. Ninja Theory. Something something, emo Dante. I’m not going to explain this in detail because Lauren has already done so. If you’re somehow out of the loop, and want to get an idea of just what the hell I’m talking about, go read her post. I am going to embed the same video a little way down though, as I’ll be referring to it.

Anyway, I was linked to over there as having a theory on this new DmC game, so I thought ‘why not share that theory on this blog’. So I’m going to. It’s not a particularly in-depth theory, nor is it one I’m suggesting is likely correct (we just don’t know at this stage, part of me is hoping it’s a total series reboot, I see no harm in this), but it’s a possibility. The hints are there. Maybe.

Okay, so here’s the trailer:

I think it looks pretty cool, you know. I love the character design. I’m not sure I love the character design as Dante, just as a character in general. Yeah, he does look like someone from Harry Potter or Twilight (SO HE IS ROBERT PATTINSON? NO), and he’d also be at home in an episode of Skins (which would be dramatically improved by a war between Heaven and Hell). Thing is, while he might look like an edgy teenage rebel, and while he’s a far cry from Dante of Devil May Cry, he still kicks the ever-loving shit out of countless mutated freaks and demons, and he does it with style. He puts out a cigarette in a demon’s eye. I mean, c’mon. That’s a whole new level of badassery.

Anyway, he caused rage, fan disappointment, and in one case, total abandonment of the games industry forever. Here’s a thought: It’s not Dante. He’s hanging up, chained (in an interrogation-style manner with his arms pulled behind his shoulder blades) while a voice demands he speak his name. He’s in a young offender’s institute for ‘rehabilitation’, but clearly there’s more to it than that. These are brainwashing techniques. The ‘correct’ answer is when he says his name is Dante, juxtaposed with the fighting which mixes Dante’s fighting style with a newer, edgier, more brutal form of attack.

It’s not him. It’s someone else, brainwashed by whoever, to behave like and believe they are, Dante of Devil May Cry. Around the 40 second mark, the camera zooms in on his eye and inverts the image, presenting him as having white hair. It could be a tease, or it could be the moment in which he ‘becomes’ the character. Or other person. Or whatever. We don’t know when it’s set, if it’s canon to the rest of the series, what. ‘We don’t know‘ is really the important thing here. There are other possibilities. This could just be a teaser trailer, designed to reveal his identity at the last minute, with absolutely no other hidden significance. It could be a fucking terrible idea, a total series reboot designed by corporate suits trying to appeal to the gritty youth drama generation. Or it could be something really clever. We don’t know.

Let’s just wait and see, yeah? No need to give up on gaming just yet.

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