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This blog is my attempt at some kind of mini-rebellion, and I kind of like it. Posting random shit is quite cathartic. I can understand the appeal. I’ve kept blogs before, of course, even as far back as when Livejournal was still socially acceptable, but I’m at least making an effort to be coherent this time round.

Of course, I’m not saying anything┬ácontentious or inflammatory, even if sometimes I’d like to. I’ve never been a very confrontational person. It’s not that I don’t have conviction about things, it’s just that for the most part airing one’s disillusionment on the internet is like screaming at a rock concert; nobody really cares because they’re screaming too. Nothing shocks people any more, and it’s very hard to make a stand against anything because of this. Also; perceptions are very hard to shatter, no matter how much you might attempt to break them, and you’ll still be labeled as X or Y because people want you to be X or Y, because of who you work for or who your friends are or what you look like or who you like to fuck. Sometimes people want to be Z, or 3, or purple but they can’t because nobody’s really interested, and maybe the only available options are X or Y anyway.

I’m not talking about myself here. I don’t really have any bold statements to make right now, or shocking revelations to unveil. I could probably stretch to the fact that sometimes (frequently) the way the games industry operates pisses me off, and that I would like to see a greater disparity between various industry factions (if you know what I mean, you know what I mean), but that’s on par with calling the sky blue. I’m in a good place in that I love writing, I love gaming (both moreso than ever right now) and feel no disillusionment with the act of playing games and then talking about them (even if it’s just to myself), which are the parts I think are important. I also care a lot about where the industry is going, or could go, and it’s an exciting thing to follow even if I don’t always like the direction.

Four bracketed sections in one paragraph has to be some kind of writing faux pas, right?

There’s a reason I called this blog what I did. It’s not just to be crude. I’ve always loved the song, and I love the lyrics. Look them up if you don’t know them, or better yet listen to them. Or even better, watch the music video for the song AND listen to the lyrics. It’s very very slightly NSFW, but you’re clicking on a song called Starfuckers, Inc. so you kind of know what you’re getting into. I’m not sure the reveal at the end of the video means much to anyone these days. Back then, MM was kind of a big deal, and he actually shocked people. He offended people. Nowadays nobody’s shocked or offended. The lyric “We’re from America, we’re from America, where they let you cum on their faces” sounds like a naughty child giggling at the fact he’s learned to turn Safesearch off. Back in the day, hordes of fans turned their faces skywards and felt liberated as they heard “I am the God of Fuck”. The writing never changed. We did.

The shocking, offensive ones now are the people he spoke out against. I say this now dispassionately; whether this is a good or bad thing is besides the point, it’s just a thing. It’s good though, I think, if you’re asking. It’s good because we stand for less bullshit from some quarters, but at the same time there’s more bullshit than ever before. It’s like digging a hole at the beach; more sand pours in, it’s just a different consistency. I love NIN and I love Reznor’s lyrics because they always feel relevant. Starfuckers, Inc. will always mean something to someone. Someone will always relate to it. Someone will always relate to Hurt, to Sin, to Closer. While Reznor descended into melodrama as much as Warner back then, it was a different kind of melodrama. It still makes sense today, and there’s no shelf life on the things he was talking about, or if there is, the meaning can be applied to something else.

The internet is just like this. The shocking doesn’t shock, anyone can say anything without others caring (and oh, they might scream, shout and argue vehemently, but they don’t care, not really). But I like to think the things that mean something, the things that people can relate to and understand, are just as relevant as they ever were.

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