Sealioning, and why this new term is shitty and upsetting to me

Published on Jan 4th, 2015 by

So I was never comfortable with this comic from the moment I saw it shared around amidst a cacophony of braying guffaws. Yes, dears, I get what it’s meant to be about, someone barging in trying to waste your time by asking questions they could google, pretending to be interested, oh my goodness. Except, yeah, that’s not actually what the comic is conveying is it? Or at least it very much isn’t to me. It is an animal politely but firmly asking two clearly privileged dudes why they’re making public declarations of hate for their entire species. Instead of the sea lion being ‘lol how annoying’, maybe the sea lion is finally standing up for itself, but also knows that if it isn’t anything but polite in its insistence then the dudes will kick the shit out of it. As someone who’s dealt with bigotry for who I am, and who was always encouraged to just be nice and polite and respectful when challenging said bigotry, this comic’s always had a dark fucking tone to me. I said as much at the time and relayed my concerns (maybe I should’ve been more insistent, sea lion style!) but Social Justice (in my gaming circles anyway) seems to be doing a great job lately of ignoring marginalized voices in favor of loud ones. So now it’s especially upsetting to see ‘sealioning’ becoming Social Justice’s new buzzword, and I made some slight edits to the comic to show how I read it every fucking time.



I mean, maybe I am in the wrong, and I’m just annoying if I see someone engaging in bigotry against me and dare to ask why. Maybe you’re right, I should just fuck off and google ‘why do some people hate me because I was born with a spinal deformity’ because let me fucking tell you guys, I’ve experienced that exact┬áscenario in the comic numerous times in my life, only I never had the courage to keep asking why like the sea lion does. So yeah, maybe fuck anyone who wants to challenge bigotry against them. But at least if people are allowed to try and make me feel like a sea lion, then I’m allowed to try and make them feel like a hippo(crite).

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2014′s Most Embarrassing or Unusual Amazon Purchases

Published on Dec 13th, 2014 by

So, I buy a lot of weird shit on Amazon. Some of it’s for work, some of it isn’t. Some of the stuff, I’ve bought for reasons that aren’t the reasons you’ll assume I bought them for. Myself and @kelseyr713 made lists of our top 5 most embarrassing/unusual Amazon purchases in this, the Year of our Lord 2014. I struggled to narrow mine down to 5. I have a shortlist too. It’s all good.

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Published on Mar 27th, 2014 by


So like last year a friend of mine had been catcalled when going to the store for the millionth time, so I was all ‘hey I’ll write a short story about catcalling’ and then I did, and this is it. It contains some typical misogynistic catcalling language but also is hopefully pretty funny so yeah.

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Published on Mar 8th, 2014 by


Earlier today I saw a new app on Steam, Manga Maker ComiPo, and it looked pretty fun, and also quite an easy way for someone with no art skills to make storyboards. So I messed around with it tonight and made the following cheerful little comic strip.

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5 Article Ideas For Curmudgeonly Dickheads

Published on Jan 28th, 2014 by


The world is a strange, scary place. So strange, and so scary in fact, that sometimes the temptation is there to put pen to paper, and write a think piece on just how terrible and wrong some innocuous things are. It is hard, being around people and things that are different from you, and it is understandable that sometimes you want to clear your throat into your hankie, and just let rip with an angry rant about those other (and let’s face it, lesser) people who Do Things You Don’t Like. So here are five article ideas for when you’re sloshed on brandy and really want to tear the 21st century a new one.

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